Suit Up! Hot weather ushers in swimwear season

April 1, 2014

It’s hot today, sending me into a panic. Swimsuit weather is here, and I’m not ready.

This season’s designers are giving me a little room to breathe with looks that are a little less revealing than previous years. For starters, it looks like bottoms will come a little thicker.

Check out this Mara Hoffman design from Anthropologie. With a playful the design, beach goers can enjoy splashing in the waves without the fear of showing off their bottoms.

And while you’re in the water, if you want to catch a wave you can do it in a two piece sporty design. This is the one Mara Hoffman promoted on her Facebook page this year.



Many designers created two piece looks you can bear your wash board abs but protect your shoulders from the sun. Plus, if all else fails, you can wear the top with a pair of high waisted shorts and grab lunch in a nearby cabana.

It appears this year the cut out will remain queen, at least for this summer season. Check out this one piece with mesh cut outs. It covers and it’s still feminine and youthful.


The one design I can’t get my brain around this year…sleeves. No really. LookLook.  Sonia Vera also has a sleeved suit push on her Facebook.  This isn’t for surfing. So how will you ever get an even tan in that thing?



If all else fails, pull out old faithful from last year and wear it proud.

Till next time,

Thrifty Penni


Weekend Find: Cute Salt & Pepper Shakers

March 31, 2014

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of boring old salt and pepper shakers…I look for any opportunity to be just a little bit different than everyone else. That’s why I got so excited when I found these shakers this weekend in the James Island Goodwill…

s and p

I mean…what would you rather have? Little policemen with epic mustaches or these…



Choose wisely…

Till next time,

Thrifty Penni



Things We Like Thursday: Spring Jam

March 27, 2014

Music lovers…listen up…you have very little time remaining to secure your tickets to the Spring Jam Music Fest at Brittlebank Park this Saturday!


This Saturday, from noon-9:30, 12 bands will take the stage at Brittlebank Park and play music until your face falls off…or 9:30 rolls around…whichever comes first. The lineup is as follows…

12:40 – Death of Paris

1:10 – Possum Jenkins

1:50 – Brave Baby

2:30 – Flight of the Phoenix

2:50 – Space Capone

3:30 – The Missing Links

3:50 – Kopecky Family Band

4:35 – The Weeks

5:20 – Saints of Valory

6:10 – Dead 27s

6:55 – The Wild Feathers

8:15 – Augustana

The Barbeque Joint, Kickin Chicken, Bay Street Biergarten, King of Pops, Sweet Water, Blue Moon, and more will also be slinging food and drinks all day long.

You have until tomorrow (3/28) to score an advance ticket for $25. After that, it’s 33 bucks at the door. Whether you spend 25 or 33, that’s bonkers for a 12 band festival!

Want more info? Click HERE.



Is it “gray” or “grey”? Either way I’m too young for this!

March 25, 2014

I’m too young for this. How is it possible? I’m turning gray (or is it grey) at 28 years old.

I’ve done everything right. I use only the best hair products. I have my hair cut every six weeks. I wash it. I dry it. I never use the pony tail holders with metal on the band. What gives?

Today at lunch, some girlfriends kindly pointed out the shiny little additions to my usually blond bob. They teased saying they were proud of my aged look. I have to admit, I was feeling a little self-conscience. I’m young, and like many women I’m trying to hold onto my youth.

Then I googled.

It’s amazing how a simple search can turn a gray matter (insert smile here)  into a little known fashion trend.

People are paying to go gray! Yep. That’s right. Check it out here. Or here. Or here.

This all has me thinking, should I keep up with those every-six-months stints at the salon?

Till next time,

Thrifty Penni


Weekend Find: Summer Santa

March 24, 2014

Spring is here…I think. Mother Nature keeps sneaking in a nice warm 80ish degree day surrounded by many chilly/rainy ones. Real funny momma…real funny! A good bit of South Carolina has been screaming bring on the heat since the first day that gave us temps below 70. That’s why when  I stumbled across this beauty while I was at Goodwill this weekend, I could do nothing but chuckle.

summer santaI realize that it’s only late March and Christmas seems like it’s ages away, but I think this would be a great purchase for any one that lives at the beach or simply likes for their Santa to have a casual Friday if he wants. Goodwill is a great place to find holiday decorations year round at killer prices! I don’t see the point in paying full retail price for something that may be on display at my house for a month or so.

Till next time,

Thrifty Penni


DIY Must Haves: Kreg Jig

March 21, 2014

In the past six months I have really taken a liking to building things with wood. If I said “woodworking” it would make it sound like I whittle canoes out of logs…I don’t do that, I’m not Nick Offerman…but I do enjoy making things with wood. DISCLAIMER: I in no way consider myself a pro…nor am I. I’ve cut boards too short, misaligned screws, pressed too hard on a sander…I could probably go on and on about my mistakes until you wanted to take a nap because you’re so exhausted from reading about them. I won’t do that though…I don’t take kindly to sleepy heads.

In my (limited) experience, I have come across one tool that is revolutionary (to me) and I feel it is under appreciated. Kreg jigs. If you’re building a table, desk, bookshelf, large planter…virtually anything out of wood, you would probably benefit immensely from having a Kreg jig.




A Kreg jig is an insanely simple way to create very strong joints for virtually any project that involves wood. Probably best of all, the screws are hidden on your final product. If you roll up with one of these bad boys when you first start working with wood, people are going to mistake you for Bob Vila (results not guaranteed). I’ve already used my Kreg jig on a couple of projects in my apartment and I cannot speak to the simplicity of it enough! I really wish I had one of these when I was building my kitchen table. If you want to read more on the Kreg jig as well as see step by step instructions on how to use it, click HERE. Come back and check out the blog next Friday when I talk about my DIY secret weapons!




Things We Like Thursday: Lowco Surf Jam

March 20, 2014

If you like amazing Mexican food, live music, and supporting awesome causes, you’re going to want to check out Mex 1 this Saturday from 2-11pm for the Lowco Surf Jam.

lowcoFor a small suggested donation of 10 bucks, you can enjoy live music all day from some of Charleston’s best musicians…which sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me! Proceeds will benefit Surfers Healing which is a nonprofit that offers surf lessons to kids with autism.

If you need any more persuasion as to why you should check out this event…just look at these nachos…

nachos MEx 1 Yeah…you’re welcome!

Go check it out, listen to some good bands and get some good grub all for a great cause.

Suddenly very hungry,



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