DYI: Coffee table upgrade

July 23, 2014

I loved the first collaboration with Charleston Crafted, when we turned an old, non-functional sewing machine table into a hidden bar table, and we were ready to take on something else!

We were shopping and came across an old wooden coffee table that had peeling paneling and lots of water stains, but had cool Greek keys on the sides that are really in style right now. The table was small, so we thought we could design it so it would look great in a little girl’s room!

We started by peeling off the paneling that was falling off the Greek keys and fixing up the legs. One of the legs was missing pieces at the bottom, so we had to take the pieces off the other three legs to make them match.

coffee 1

coffee 3

After sanding and priming the whole thing, we decided to paint the four sets of Greek keys with metallic gold spray paint to give it a royal shine.

coffee 2

coffee 4

After they were painted, we reversed what was covered with painter’s tape and painted the rest of the table in a blush color we had laying around from another project. The blush and gold combo made us think that this would fly right off the store floor at Palmetto Goodwill. After all the paint was dry, we covered the entire piece with a couple coats of sealant to give it a smooth shine.

This is a great piece for a girl to enjoy in her room for years to come. This project shows you that you can take an inexpensive piece of furniture that is in bad shape and turn it around completely!coffee 6coffee 5

This was a quick overview of what we did, but if you want to find out the full details of how to do these parts of the project and see some of the stuff we didn’t talk about, check out the full post on the Charleston Crafted blog.

Till next time,

Thrifty Penni


Morgan and Sean are the voices behind Charleston Crafted, a blog about crafting a colorful coastal life in Charleston, South Carolina. They are working with Palmetto Goodwill to take worn out pieces of furniture and refurbish them for higher resale value. When they aren’t cooking or DIYing up a storm, they love experiencing everything Charleston has to offer with their fur babies CiCi and Bear. Facebook. Tweet. Pin.


Clothes and skin cancer

July 22, 2014


Get this. Fashion choices can decrease your chances of skin cancer.

Yep. What you wear could help protect your skin from cancer.  That’s all the ammunition I need to talk my husband into a shopping spree.

Here’s the truth according to skincancer.org. Nearly 3.7 million skin cancers are diagnosed in the US every year, and a majority are caused by solar UV radiation (UVR).  (July is UV Safety Month.)

Not scary enough? UVR also causes up to 90 percent of the visible changes commonly attributed to aging, like wrinkles, brown spots, and sagging skin. Yikes! The good news? Our clothes can absorb or block much of this radiation.

Here are a couple of ideas when picking outfits from your closet or when buying new threads.

Sitting at the bank

Check out the tightness of weave because tightly woven or closely knitted fabrics (think denim) literally have smaller holes between the threads. That’s a no brainer, right? But here’s the caveat with this. Snug-fitting clothes can stretch, exposing more skin to the sun.

Check out what the clothes are made from. The fake stuff, like polyester and rayon, offer huge sun protection, but refined and bleached cottons offer the least. I’m a sucker for linen, but glossy fabrics, like satin, reflect from the skin and offer better protection.

Check out the density. I know it can get hot, and I know we all want to wear as little and as light as possible. BUT, thin and lightweight materials let in more UV light than their heavier counterparts.

Check out the color: Dark or bright colors, like red or black, absorb more UVR than white or pastel shades. This stops the rays before they reach your skin. The more intense the color, the better the UV defense.

Check out the label or brand. An Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) label helps you identify sun-protective clothes. There are whole lines devoted to fashion and sun protection.

And if aren’t looking to buy anything new this season, you can increase your clothes’ UPF by washing a laundry additive like Sun Guard’s Rit® into them.

And for a final touch: A wide-brimmed (3-inch or greater) hat. These cover the scalp, which for me can be hard to apply sunscreen (I am not messing up my hair) and in areas where I forget, like my ears and neck.


Till next time,

Thrifty Penni


Weekend Find: pocketbook/purse

July 21, 2014

I guess it depends on where you grew up. I call this a pocketbook. Some of my more modern friends call it a purse. Either way, I love it. Now I just need to right outfit to wear it out. IMG_1802


Till next time,

Thrifty Penni


Things we like: explosions.

July 18, 2014

What do you get when you cross baseball with an explosion? The answer is the July 12, 1979 “Disco Demolition Night” at Comiskey Park. From what I understand, a crate filled with disco records was blown up on the field. Yikes!

Read more here –> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disco_Demolition_Night

This promotion was organized by current Charleston RiverDogs President Mike Veeck. If once wasn’t explosive enough, he’s doing it again but with a 21st Century spin. Get it? Spin. Records. Anyway, Saturday, July 19, the Charleston RiverDogs will host “Disco Demolition 2: You Better Belieb It”.

What does that mean? The destruction of Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus music and paraphernalia. Go ahead and start cleaning out your closet now.

Here’s how it works: Following the RiverDogs game Saturday, and a postgame Bieber/Cyrus demolition on the field happens.

If you want to participate, fans just bring Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus items to the game, and they can save $1 per ticket.

Till next time,

Thrifty Penni


Mambos and mangos and everything nice.

July 16, 2014

When I’m looking for what to make for dinner, I usually google recipies for a dish that I already have the ingredients. So this week I had some mangos that desprately needed eating or would be lost to the compost pile. I also had a few left over peppers from chicken kabobs.


What I made was easily my husband’s new favorite dish. It’s called Mambo Shrimp (or chicken)  with Mango Salsa.

Are you drooling yet?

I’m not a chef by any means. In fact, I’m newly married and just learning to cook, but it’s pretty easy and won’t take a lot of measuring.

For starters, I just diced up the mango and mixed it in with a can of pineapples. Then I diced a small red and orange pepper. I added some chopped cilantro and in lieu of jalapenos, I added a dash of crushed red peppers.  Squirt in some lemon and lime juice, and it’s a party!


I sautéed some shrimp in lime juice and some soy sauce.


Plate the shrimp and doll out a healthy portion of the mango salsa on top. Voila! I served it with a little edamame and toast.



And because we had enough for a second meal, I baked chicken and served that two days later. The mango salsa only got better with time.


Till Next Time,

Thrifty Penni


Out is in?

July 15, 2014

Since 1985, Americans have celebrated July as the nation’s Parks and Recreation Month. That makes sense. School is out, and there is more daylight to be outdoors.

So if you need an extra push to be outside, there you have it: a whole month dedicated to the outdoors.

Plus, there are some pretty big benefits.

For starters Montgomery, Alabama; Jackson, Tennessee; and Greenville, South Carolina all report boosts in economic growth.

Second, the NRPA reports parks and recreation are building healthier communities and are a critical solution for our nation’s health epidemic.

Finally, parks and conservation provide something we all want: clean air to breathe; clean water to drink; protection from and prevention of extreme weather events and more.

So as a theme for this year’s celebration of Park and Recreation Month: OUT is IN.


For events—> http://www.nrpa.org/july-events/

Till next time,

Thrifty Penni


Weekend Find: Christmas in July

July 14, 2014

I pride myself on being a super planner. I generally have all my Christmas gifts purchased by Thanksgiving. I have a plan and backup plan for everything.

So when I saw this jewel at the Goodwill store in Summerville, I had to have it.


I won’t set it up just yet. I’ll wait until the day after Thanksgiving to do that, but it’s never too early to start planning. I’m already dreaming about the lights and colored ornaments.

Till next time,

Thrifty Penni


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