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September 2, 2014

In my part of the world, it’s going to be hot for another few months. Yes months.

BUT I like to start bargain hunting for the items I’m going to need when the weather actually changes. With that, in mind I’ve started looking for a new jacket that is causal, but something I could wear to the office.

This Columbia jacket doesn’t even look like it’s been worn!





Things we like Friday: Labor Day Sales

August 29, 2014


Get ready to shop and save this Labor Day weekend.

You can expect  end-of-summer deals all around you.

This year, discounts are averaging over 48% off on clothing according to RetailMeNot. The online site reports  Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales generally fall around 42% off.


8 Goodwill Questions & Answers

August 27, 2014

8. What’s the deal with that bell? It rings every 30 minutes to let shoppers know new products are coming out on the floor. Stick around and see what new treasures are coming. You don’t want to miss out!

retail 4

7. Why are the clothes organized by color? Have you ever heard the phrase, “The eye buys”? Color coding keeps the store looking organized and helps shoppers find what they are looking for. For example, you know you need a red top to match a new skirt OR you need something in purple to expand your wardrobe. Here’s the other thing. While you’re sifting through, you may find something you didn’t know you needed.


6. How do I get the best price on furniture? Furniture is marked down everyday. So if it’s not a price you want to pay, keep checking back. But there is one problem with this. The item could get scooped up.

5. Why don’t you sell jewelry in every store? Instead of selling jewelry individually, Goodwill puts all sorts of pieces in a “Jewelry Jar”. It’s $29.99 and you can usually find it at the register.  You never know what you’re getting with this!

4. Do they wash the clothes? No. Goodwill doesn’t wash clothes before they are put out on the floor.

retail 7

3. Why should I get a rewards card? Reward card holders get special deals on holidays like the 4th of July. Also, senior shoppers and members of the military save 25% on Wednesdays. Each time you shop and use your reward card, you rack up points. Get enough points, and you will save some more!


2. Where can I get electronics? Goodwill sells some electronics in stores. Palmetto Goodwill also has a store devoted just to computers. It’s called Computer Works. You can get all sorts of deals on all sorts of computers and computer parts. They also sell DVDs, CDs, and can even repair your computer.

1. Does Goodwill make a huge profit off free stuff they sell?  No. More than 90% of revenue from the retail stores goes toward mission services. That means the revenue goes toward employment training for people looking for jobs; it’s used to help people after they face a disaster like a fire or flood, etc.

youtube 1


Things we like Friday: Undy Sunday

August 15, 2014

Undy sunday 2014

The Charleston RiverDogs play at home this Sunday. As incentive to come out to the stadium, Goodwill will trade an unopened package of undies for a free ticket.

The undies will benefit the 6th Annual Undy 500 motorcycle ride for veterans in the Charleston region.

You cannot beat helping veterans while watching a free game of baseball.


Till next time,

Thrifty Penni


Blog Feature

August 14, 2014

I started reading this blog simply because I loved the pictures. When I read the “About Me” section I was hooked. Here’s the line that got me: I have experimented with different trends and have loved adding my twist to each and every one.

I don’t love every she does, but I do love that she wears it well.

Check it out—> http://www.itsnotheritsme.com/


Till next time,

Thrifty Penni


DIY: Creating the coffee shop smell

August 13, 2014

It’s pretty simple to create a great coffee smell without making any coffee.

Here are the steps:

Place a candle in a vase. I recommend using vanilla or a flavor you like.
Fill around the candle with whole coffee beans. They can just be the cheap ones.
When you burn the candle, it will heat up the beans and fill the room with an amazing smell!



5 Useful Thrifting Sites

August 12, 2014

I’ve compiled all my favorite thrifting sites and blogs. Let me know if I’ve missed one you love.


5 useful thrift


If you ever wanted to shop Goodwill from the comfort of your computer, you can. Shopgoodwill.com is the first online auction site created, owned and operated by a nonprofit organization. It was created and is operated by Goodwill of Orange County. It’s basically all the best bargains online, at your finger tips. Get bidding!

This site breaks down some pretty awesome tips on getting the best deals while thrifting. I found the tips pretty darn useful.

It’s a little DIY with a little bit of personality. This site is great if you’re looking for inspiration for the home.

You’ve seen some of these guys’ posts on my blog. They do a little bit of everything. They have great ideas for home décor, and they try new recipes. One of the writers is planning a wedding and takes you step by step through the process. They are fun, honest and a great read.

I love this site.  The woman is an absolute genius with a sewing machine. She does a ton of before and after pictures, plus she shows you exactly how to turn an old frumpy dress into a hot little number. Some of her creations don’t even require sewing.


Till next time,

Thrifty Penni


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