Monday Find: Jewelry Jar mess

September 22, 2014

I’m a total sucker for old, vintage items. I like to imagine who owned the item first. What’s the story? Was it a gift? Where did she wear it? Was it a special occasion?

At Goodwill you can often find what’s called “Jewelry Jars” full of all sorts of items. Not all the earrings have pairs. Some items are broken. Some are tarnished. I get that, but what makes it worth the $30 is the rare piece I’ll find with so much character!

For this week’s Monday find, I need to brag about the old timey locket I found. Now I just need to figure out what to wear with it. Any ideas?




Falling for accessories

September 16, 2014

 It’s still hot, but before the weather turns drastically colder (for this southern soul) I’m looking for the essential items I need to weather the fall.

For starters, it looks like fur goes with anything. From purses, to shoes, to traditional jackets.  This Vogue look is a little much for me, but you get the idea.


And guess what… you don’t have to spend a fortune on it. Check out the one I found at Goodwill.


I’m not much into it, but it looks like fringe is in this season. Check out this Ralph Lauren purse from this year’s collection. 

fringe 2 ralph lauren

Be bold in gold this season with all sorts of jewelry styles. Here’s a secret for rings. If you don’t buy the real stuff, paint clear nail polish on the inside so it doesn’t turn your finger green.

forever 21 necklace 2

forever 21 necklace

forever 21 ring

You can also find amazing deals in jewelry jars at Goodwill. I put together these looks from one jar.






Chances are you’ve already seen booties on the feet on your girlfriends and on celebrities all season. They’re staying in through the winter.  The fashion police say, “You can wear them year round.”



What’s your favorite look for the fall?



Things we like Friday: Biker babe style

September 12, 2014

This weekend I’m volunteering at a motorcycle ride around Charleston. It’s called the Goodwill Undy 500. The event raises money for homeless veterans in the region. That has me thinking. I’m not a rider, but could I find the right balance of prep star with biker babe? Here’s what I found.

Leather pants. Not a problem. They’re going to be around all season. And there are plenty to choose from–>



Cool boots? Of course I need a pair to get me through winter. I love these from J. Crew. Plus, from what I’m finding year round booties are a must, which could be an option for the biker look.

j crew boots

As for a shirt? This season is all about looking sporty. I want to keep it simple, so this baseball inspired T-shirt from Harley Davidson will do just fine, plus I’ll be comfortable.

harley t

Finally, I’m going to need a little color, and I can’t forget the fringe. Check out this beauty from Michael Kors.

michael kors

With this combination, I’m going to look trendy with a hint of tough-don’t-mess-with-me biker.


Blog Feature- All the way from Estonia

September 11, 2014

feature blog weekly

Here’s what I love about this week’s blog feature. There aren’t so many words, but there are some AWESOME pictures. Plus, this woman is able to capture so many sides of herself. In almost every picture she looks like a different woman. I LOVE THAT. I often find myself in the same old routine. It’s hard for me to let my fashion reflect my mood and who I want to be each day, when my closet is full of the same old style. Plus, she’s great at mixing expensive items with thrift store finds.

Check her out and be inspired–> http://fashionnotesbytriinu.com/


Here’s Triinu’s about me page:

My name is Triinu Ollema and I am living in Tallinn, Estonia (little country in Scandinavia). I’m fashion loving visual merchandiser at H&M and I’m graduated fashion designer. I love talking about clothes and shoes and fashion designers and .. almost everything what is hot in fashion. I love shopping and I would like to call it my profession: Shopaholic! I like to dress my friends and family, because it’s my way to improve myself. Also I love shopping in vintage and second hand shops, because you can mix expensive, cheap and old style clothing. I have too many shoes, clothes and bags so my boyfriend has almost no closet space. So please visit my site and I hope you can all find something to read. Welcome to my side of fashion world!


DIY kitchy knickknacks transformed

September 10, 2014

I wanted a way to coordinate several home décor pieces without spending a ton of money, but getting some cute and kitschy items from well know box stores would have ended up costing me more than I wanted to spend.

So off I went to the clearance center at Goodwill.


I had to dig through a few extra-large buggies to find the items I wanted. I knew I wanted vases and something sculptural.

I found an old, small pot; a tall skinny vase, and this kind-of-freaky looking unicorn knickknack. None of them matched, but they were the right sizes and could be the right look with some DIY know how.




I picked up a $3.50 of glossy spray paint and got to work putting a nice, even color on them. Of course, you can use any color that matches your space.

Throw in some flowers, and it’s done for less than $7.








8 Ways to Organize in Pictures

September 9, 2014


DIY Containers


soda pop

tank top holder



tea cup organizer


Monday Find: Little Red Tricycle

September 8, 2014

I don’t have children yet, so I’ve decided on an alternative for this cute little Goodwill find. I love it for a back patio with planters. Think of it. One planter on the seat and two on the back platform. I love this Monday Find!




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