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Frame It!

May 16, 2012

Frames… Seriously… what CAN’T you do with a frame!?!? This is the one item that I almost always pick up when I visit a Goodwill store. They are so versatile and you can usually find them pretty inexpensive! Seek out frames that have character, frames that are in decent shape and frames that are a good size for the space you are trying to fill. Try to look beyond the photo-holding capabilities of the frame and focus more on the frame itself. I could probably write 100 blog posts on what to do with frames (and maybe I will!) but here are a few ideas on what a frame can become with a little effort!

  Chalkboard Frames
A little chalkboard paint goes a long way. Spray paint the frame in your favorite color (or keep as is) and paint a piece of wood or the frame’s glass with chalkboard paint to create a custom message board or beautiful inspirational board! (Click the photo for complete instructions)
Frame Within A Frame
How creative! Pick out two frames of different sizes, one that will fit nicely into the other. Spray paint or stain them the same color for consistency, add some fun scrapbooking paper or fabric in the middle and then frame a piece of art in the center frame. (Click the photo for complete instructions)
  Kiddo Toy Mirror Frame
Find a framed mirror, or purchase a mirror to a fit a frame you find at Goodwill. Fasten toys and other loveable keepsakes to the frame using super glue. Once completely attached, spray paint the newly decorated frame. Make sure that you protect the mirror from any paint (if attached). (Click the photo for complete instructions)
Wreath Frame
Find a simple frame and color if necessary (stain or spray paint). Wrap colorful yarn around the sides of the frame, using a hot glue gun as adhesive. Paint your family letter in a corresponding color and attach to the frame with yarn. Add any embellishments to create your own custom frame. (Click the photo for complete instructions)
Happy framing my friends!





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